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Translating Information Into Knowledge

A Knowledge Renaissance

In today’s world, a huge amount of data is available and is being produced every day at ever-growing rates and the challenge to access, process and exploit this data is beyond human ability.

Yewno provides the next generation of discovery facilitating deeper knowledge extraction by connecting disparate yet related concepts through semantic relationships to build a human-like inference. Yewno combines the most powerful components of computational linguistics, semantic analysis, neural networks and data visualization, purposely designed to usher in a new era of enlightened knowledge discovery.

Drawing from research universities, publishers and content aggregators, Yewno connects related yet disparate concepts. It is a platform designed to intuitively draw connections, mimicking the human mind and create relations, immediately enhancing lateral thinking.

Yewno doesn’t just search for keywords – it allows for the exploration of concepts, enabling individuals to solve “what if” possibilities.

Finally, researchers, individuals and professionals can get a deeper understanding of the information they are looking at. Unlike traditional search, which strives to provide the singular correct answer as quickly as possible, Yewno enables the connection of multiple concepts and information. We create a broader and more lateral way to generate a true signal in today’s noisy digital world.

The Benefits of Yewno

Hyper Knowledge

We unlock the ability for people to explore and digest information based on seemingly unrelated concepts at scale.

High Quality Data

All data sources are vetted, high quality content providers, creating a level of unparalleled accuracy and sophistication.

Accuracy From Depth

Yewno continuously evolves as it intakes data, expanding its algorithms and improving the depth of its contextualized knowledge.

Multi-Dimensional Connections

Yewno analyzes data in a non-linear environment, drawing tangible connections across many concepts.

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